Conditioned Co-production in everyday life

Starts 9 Jul 2017

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annual open men's retreat

When the Buddha gained Enlightenment, he expressed this realisation in terms of how we cycle endlessly from spiritual ignorance through to craving and grasping and ultimately a re-creation of experiences. This is known as Conditioned Co-production within Buddhism (an English translation of the Pali words patticca-samuppada). Without a practical insight into this cycle, we can repeat the difficulties of life, never solving their underlying causes. The Buddha also taught that this sequence can be untied, the knots released, and the bonds to dissatisfaction broken. Lastly, he also spoke of a more inspiring and meaningful sequence of augmentative and spiritually positive conditions which unfold into greater liberation and freedom, into Awakening itself.

We'll be exploring these teachings on this retreat. Our emphasis will not by on formal study, but rather how these aspects of the Dharma are working (or not) in our own lives and experiences. This retreat will deepen our understanding of conditioned co-production and demonstrate how an insight into that series of processes can lead to the breaking of the three fetters which tie us to dissatisfaction. We will apply these principles to areas in our life such as work, relationships, meditation, aesthetic appreciation, friendship etc.

There will be daily discussion groups, lots of meditation, evening rituals and plenty of time for personal reflection.


Start: 9 Jul 2017 at 5:00pm
Finish: 16 Jul 2017 at 1:00pm

Cost: $490 - Standard , $440 - Low waged

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