Creative Writing and Meditation Retreat

Starts 2 Apr 2020

Haiku on rock

Writing your way to Mindfulness and Compassion 

Creative writing can be a powerful transformative tool when combined with our seated meditation practice and moment-by-moment mindfulness woven through our daily lives. This three night retreat will use a series of writing and reflection exercises to help unlock our creativity and enhance our capacity for mindfulness and compassion.

‘To try to develop qualities such as pure awareness or total compassion is clearly a momentous undertaking and one that could easily overwhelm us. This is where leaps of the imagination that we learn to work with in our writing can be particularly effective.’

Endorsements from past participants
‘The weekend retreat was an insightful, relaxed and congenial gathering, full of excellent, fun and relevant exercises. There was also a chance to spend some time alone in the beautiful Sudarshanaloka surroundings and reflect on the group’s sharing of their writing. The meditation sessions added immensely to this experience and gave us a space to clear our minds and concentrate on the writing. From this retreat three of us have formed a writing group and for some years now we still meet regularly and have become life-long friends.’
Lincoln Jacques

‘There are too few times when daily life affords you a true artistic pause. This wonderful weekend was one of them. Cobweb clearing, cleansing, communal with the right balance of solitary reflection, Geoff led us through our own forest beautifully. How rare to stop your life for a few days, your only goal to see what happens when your pen travels across the page.’ Tracey Barnett


Start: 2 Apr 2020 at 6:00pm
Finish: 5 Apr 2020 at 12:00pm

Cost: $315 - full , $275 - low income , If cost is a barrier please contact the Auckland Buddhist Centre to talk through.

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