One meaningful word

Starts 21 Jan 2022

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Creative writing and meditation retreat

Better than a thousand meaningless statements
Is one meaningful word,
Which, having been heard,
Brings peace.
The Buddha in The Dhammapada

Join us on retreat for five days at Sudarshanaloka in late January in search of that ‘beautiful word’.

Using creative writing we can explore parts of ourselves that may be fresh and new and even exciting – all in the context of our beautiful native bush environment, daily Buddhist meditation and practice, and Dharma friends. And you do not need to be an experienced writer to reap the benefits.

This is an exciting and rare opportunity to combine our mindfulness and meditation practice with the imaginative possibilities of creative writing. We know from our meditation that the present moment can be rich and deep and immensely rewarding. Exploring this further with creative writing exercises can uncover an authentic inner ‘voice’ that may be fresh and insightful.

This year novelist Sue Reidy will be leading some of the writing exercises.

For the first time this retreat will be run over five days, and it will be high summer. The sun will be shining, the streams will be flowing and the evenings will be long. Come and join us for a rewarding and inspiring five days.


Start: 21 Jan 2022 at 6:30pm
Finish: 26 Jan 2022 at 12:00pm

Cost: $425 waged/$385 low or unwaged, Please indicate when booking if you would be willing to camp - the one way to ensure your own room!, If cost is a barrier please contact the Auckland Buddhist Centre to discuss

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