The Four Brahmaviharas

Starts 29 Aug 2020

heart like the ocean

meditation retreat for mitras, Order members or by special request

This retreat will present and explore the Buddha's teaching on the cultivation of positive emotion and mindfulness as taught within the Triratna Buddhist community. So in order to benefit fully, it is essential that everyone attending has an established metta bhavana practise.

Bookings are limited and open to all mitras and Order members. If you have a established metta bhava practise but are new to the Triratna Buddhist Community - or simply not yet a mitra - and would like to attend this retreat, please contact the Auckland Buddhist Centre or Ratnavyuha directly.

"Positive emotion" is a broad term referring to all the 'skilful' and 'spiritually helpful' intentions which incline us towards Truth, Beauty and Goodness. In Buddhism, we talk about Enlightenment and Awakening. Within the constellation of emotions labelled as positive, we would include gratitude, devotion, care, good-will, appreciation, compassion, rejoicing, contentment, tranquility, peacefulness, loving-kindness, and perhaps a few more.

The Buddha's teaching of the Four Brahmaviharas will be our main exploration, but we will also look at his teachings on sraddha (sometimes translated as confidence-trust or Buddhist faith, with its connotation of a positive imaginal faculty which points beyond the known). We'll also be actively exploring the devotional and imaginal aspects of meditation.


Start: 29 Aug 2020 at 6:00pm
Finish: 6 Sep 2020 at 12:00pm

Cost: $590 waged/$540 low or unwaged , bookings are limited, , please don't let money be a barrier - contact us for options

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Ratnavyuha has been actively involved with the Triratna Buddhist community since 1992. An interest in T'ai Ch'i classes turned into an interest in…