Lotus Realm

Posted by Ratnavyuha on 15 March 2017

lotus realm staff 2014

LOTUS REALM TEAM says "Welcome!"

Come and see us if you are in Thames!

We are Sudarshanaloka's front door in Thames, located along the main street. Our team-based right livelihood business has Buddhist values at its heart, and we love volunteers!

If you would like an opportunity to practise generosity, kindness, patience and experience the benefits of working as part of a team, consider coming and lending a hand sometime. We support local community, arts, music and school activities in the area. Give us a call if you think you would like to help out.

If you would like to support us to continue our charitable work, please consider donating goods, especially musical instruments. We have a van and can collect in the Auckland and Waikato areas. With some items, we can sell your goods on commission.

714 Pollen St, Thames
Ph 07 868 5341 Fax 07 868 5346
Click Here to visit our Givealittle fundraising page