Welcome to Sudarshanaloka

Land of beautiful vision

Sudarshanaloka is a Buddhist retreat centre near Thames, New Zealand. Our aim is to provide the conditions for people to deepen their spiritual practice. We run meditation retreats, offer isolated cabins for solitary retreats, and host community events.

Beginners meditation retreat

Starts: 7 Nov 2019

Cultivating a calm and positive mind This retreat is an introduction to both the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana meditation pracitices…

The Mythic Life

Starts: 15 Nov 2019

discovering, connecting, and cultivating helpful myth How as Western Buddhists will we engage in the creation of myth? On the one hand we have the…

The Greater Mandala and the Crucible of Sangha

Starts: 21 Nov 2019

Form, emptiness and emergence within community: National Order weekend With the death of our founder, how do we honour his gifts, the living lineage…