Welcome to Sudarshanaloka

Land of beautiful vision

Sudarshanaloka is a Buddhist retreat centre near Thames, New Zealand. Our aim is to provide the conditions for people to deepen their spiritual practice. We run meditation retreats, offer isolated cabins for solitary retreats, and host community events.

Anapanasati mindfulness meditation retreat

Starts: 5 Nov 2021

Awareness is revolutionary - peace is a fire During the meditation retreat we train in breathing with mindfulness according to the Ᾱnāpānasati…

Walking the Mandala

Starts: 27 Dec 2021

Five days of walking the Land of Beautiful Vision, and beyond Join Dhiraprabha and Akasamati to explore the terrain, on and off track, in the ten…

Living Nature Retreat

Starts: 3 Jan 2022

Embodying the elements at Sudarshanaloka Everything is alive -- shells, buildings, people, fish, mountains, trees, wood is alive. Water is alive.…