Welcome to Sudarshanaloka

Land of beautiful vision

Sudarshanaloka is a Buddhist retreat centre near Thames, New Zealand. Our aim is to provide the conditions for people to deepen their spiritual practice. We run meditation retreats, offer isolated cabins for solitary retreats, and host community events.

Working in Nature at Sudarshanaloka

Starts: 4 Dec 2020

Giving back to the land These working in nature weekends have become a regular part of our annual program. They offer an opportunity to engage with…

A midsummer magic retreat

Starts: 29 Dec 2020

Over New Years at Sudarshanaloka For the past few years we have been running a New Year's retreat. It offers a different way of welcoming in the new…

Entering the Wild

Starts: 9 Jan 2021

Meditation and hill walking retreat "The forest breathes. Listen. It answers, I have made this place around you. If you leave it, you may come…