The Practice of Solitary Retreats

Spending periods of time on retreat, and on retreat alone, has been a spiritually beneficial practice since the Buddha first began teaching the path to awakening. Not always an easy practice to be alone with your own thoughts, feelings, and inner resources, the practice of solitary retreat also offers unique opportunity for the natural unfolding of your spiritual practice. Here are some tips and readings to get you started.

bodhisattva of the earth

Getting Started

What to do on solitary retreat

The value of spending time alone

Bush safety: suggestions for safe bush walking

How to prepare for your solitary retreat

Readings to Inspire Retreat

Everything that Lives is Holy

Learning to Stand Still

Pauses and Empty Spaces

Learning to See

The Simple Life

Wild Awake

A year on solitary retreat at Sudarshanaloka

Books and Articles

Personal Reflections from Solitary Retreat

Anapanasati in the bush by Geoff Walker

Experience yourself differently by Erica Law

Afternoons in the bush, mornings for meditation and study by Ratnavyuha

Online Meditation and Buddhism Resources

Free Buddhist Audio: download Buddhist dharma talks or meditation instructions

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