Men's winter retreat

Starts: 8 Jul 2018

Vision that Frees: bringing insight practice into your Dharma life As Buddhists we apply ourselves to the practice of the Buddhist Path whose sole…

Hunt for the Winter People ... (continued)

Starts: 24 Aug 2018

A mitra-led long weekend of shared practice celebrating the elemental riches of Sudarshanaloka in the winter.

Men's ordination training retreat

Starts: 8 Sep 2018

Triratna Buddhist Community This retreat is by invitation only and led by a team of senior members of the Triratna Buddhist Order for men who are…

Working in Nature at Sudarshanaloka

Starts: 21 Sep 2018

Giving back to the land We have been experimenting with these weekend formats for a few years now. And, after the success of our previous events, we…

Anapanasati mindfulness meditation retreat

Starts: 6 Oct 2018

Mitra and Order member retreat at Sudarshanaloka During the Ᾱnāpānasati meditation retreat we train in 'breathing with mindfulness' according to…

The Five Skandhas retreat

Starts: 19 Oct 2018

Triratna Order mitra retreat The Five Skandhas retreat aims at practically developing the awareness of our experience viewed from the perspective of…

The Magical Mala

Starts: 2 Nov 2018

The joys of creating and weaving your way to calm On this retreat we will be focusing on the joys of making. We will spend time in the beautiful…

Beginners meditation retreat

Starts: 9 Nov 2018

Cultivating a calm and positive mind This retreat is an introduction to both the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana meditation pracitices…

Bodhicitta and Mahamudra practice I

Starts: 13 Dec 2018

A retreat for Triratna Order members and GFR mitras only Viveka was ordained in 1997 and was chair of the San Francisco Buddhist Center until very…