Help protect our Kauri trees

sudarshanaloka twin kauris

In partnership with Environment Waikato, we have installed three boot cleaning stations at Sudarshanaloka to stop Kauri-die-back in it's tracks.

Kauri dieback is a deadly kauri disease caused by a soil-borne pathogen. It is specific to New Zealand kauri and can kill trees of all ages. The disease is established in the Greater Auckland and Northland areas, but only minor outbreaks have occurred in the Coromandel.

Footwear transporting contaminated soil from one site to another is a major contributor to the spread of the disease

Please help keep Sudarshanaloka and Coromandel Kauri safe by following these basic hygiene protocols:

Clean Your Gear

  • BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME thoroughly clean and disinfect all footwear and other outdoor gear you will be bringing to Sudarashanaloka.
  • If you are staying in a cabin, as soon as you arrive use the scrubbing brush and disinfectant spray bottle to thoroughly clean all footwear and other outdoor gear (eg. walking pole) that has been in contact with soil.
  • When walking in the bush, either on retreat or visiting for the day, make use of the boot cleaning stations when you come across them. They are situated at the house carpark, entrance to Ohio track and by the green caravan near the Stupa.

Stay on the Tracks

  • Kauri roots are sensitive to compaction. Please stay on tracks and away from Kauri trees.