Picture of Maitreyi

Maitreyi was ordained in 1989, the first year that women ordained women into the Order. She has lived in women’s communities since her early years of involvement with the London Buddhist Centre, when she worked in the LBC restaurant, and later, having trained as an Alexander Teacher, became a founding member of Bodywise, an alternative health centre which was part of the LBC mandala. She moved to Tiratanaloka in 1997 where she lived and worked as a member of the ordination team for 20 years, becoming a private and public preceptor during that time. In the latter years she was also caring for her very elderly mother together with her sister and brother. After the death of her mother and retiring from Tiratanaloka she embarked on a nomadic life for a period of time, planning to visit New Zealand as part of that. As it turned out, the pandemic intervened and for the last 3 years she has been part of a large women’s community close to the London Buddhist Centre, mainly involved with work for the Preceptors’ College, leading study locally and being a KM to the Mitra Convenors meetings.

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