Picture of Ratnavyuha

Ratnavyuha has been actively involved with the Triratna Buddhist community since 1992. An interest in T'ai Ch'i classes turned into an interest in meditation and Buddhist philosophy at Aryaloka Retreat Centre (Boston, MA). This deepening continued, and he was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order (1999) while working at a Buddhist Right Livelihood business (Cambridge, UK). After a while, he decided to take his Buddhist practise back out into contemporary life through the Sydney Buddhist Centre (2004-2011) and Auckland Buddhist Centre (2011 to present). These days he contributes in many ways, including collaborating with others to develop retreat facilities in New Zealand (Sudarshanaloka Retreat Centre project).

Over the years, Ratnavyuha has led many courses, classes, and retreats both in this region and abroad. As a senior member of the Triratna Buddhist Order, he is part of a team responsible for the men's ordination training process in New Zealand and Australia.