Taiji & Meditation Retreat

Starts 16 Nov 2018

A Pathway to Wellbeing

Led by Dharmamudra, Nityajoti and Satyananda

We are often over-stimulated by external information and quick-fixes in today’s world.

This retreat is about reflecting, re-educating, and reconnecting with internal senses and inner knowledge through an introduction to the principles of Taiji and meditation. Both are ancient art forms and are seen as complimentary practices, offering a pathway to wellbeing when practiced regularly.

Taiji is a martial art, originating from China, and known for its numerous healing benefits. It involves slow rhythmic movements – harmonising body and mind, circulating Qi (vital force), and rejuvenating energy. Taiji embodies a philosophy of change, working with the complimentary opposite forces of yin and yang, and increasing sensitivity to the ebbs and flows inside and outside, so that we learn to adjust to, rather than resist, changes as they arise. Taiji will be explored through the five basic loosening exercises and the first quarter of the Short Form. We will also do some complimentary Qigong energy work.

The meditation aspect of the retreat will focus on working with body-mind awareness and the practice of heartfulness and compassion and is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners. Periods of the retreat will be in silence, however, there will also be time for communication and sharing. We will prepare and share vegetarian meals together, have space for daily walks in the bush, as well as for reflection and solitary time.

All levels of experience welcome.

More Information
dhsatyananda@gmail.com ph. Satyananda 078685341
or info@peterdobson.org.uk ph Dharmamudra 0211581442


Start: 16 Nov 2018 at 6:00pm
Finish: 23 Nov 2018 at 12:00pm

Cost: $750 Full Residential / $550 Non-Residential

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Photo of Dharmamudra


Dharmamudra is an ordained Buddhist within the Triratna Buddhist Order and has spent over 30 years exploring Taiji and…

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Satyananda has been around the Sudarshanaloka Trust since before the beginnings, and that is a long time. Part of the…