Photo of Amida

Amida was finished and dedicated in the spring of 1998. Before Tara cabin was built, Amida was a favorite for first time retreatants and those wanting easy access and some of the comforts of home. In 2018 we installed a mini wood-burner to make this lovely cabin even more comfortable, and more suitable for winter retreats.

Placed to get midday and afternoon sun, Amida captures a natural warmth throughout the year. It is named after the Dhyani Buddha of the western direction, Amitabha, who manifests the qualities of Infinite Light and Love. This Buddha is also known for meditation and the hut offers a great atmosphere for meditation throughout the NZ seasons.

What does it offer…

  • easy access - a short walk from the main access road
  • well appointed and comfortable
  • sunny and spacious outlook
  • views of the Firth of Thames


  • situated part way up the Dharma Road (main access road), about ten minute's walk from the main house, yet tucked away nicely in the bush
  • elevated site has magnificent views down the Tararu valley
  • west-facing with lovely sunset views in summer
  • Stupa is about 20 minutes walk away via either Dharma Road or bush trails

General Amenities…

  • solar power, supplying 12 volt lighting and 12 volt power points (not suitable for 240V equipment like laptops and normal battery chargers)
  • kitchen is equipped with a two-ring gas cooker with grill
  • sink with cold running water. Water suppy has in-line particulate filter (If you are sensitive we recommend boiling drinking water as an extra precaution)
  • gas shower and long-drop toilet
  • mini woodburner for warmth and some stove-top cooking
  • table, chair, easy-chair, bed, simple shrine and meditation gear
  • reasonabley good mobile coverage (depending on service provider)