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Chetul was the first hut we built in 1995, and is our most rustic. About 10 minutes walk into the bush from the very top of our main access road and on the doorstep of our extensive network of bush trails. Once settled in Chetul Cabin, you can easily not see anyone for weeks if you choose not to.
*Please note : As you will be carrying your gear into this cabin on your back we recommend you pack only the essentials, and plan your meals ahead of time, taking only what you need. Part of our service is that we shop for you once a week so you dont need to take more than a weeks supply if you are on a long solitary.

This cabin is named after Chetul Sangye Dorje, a very prominent Tibetan Buddhist teacher, the heart-son of Dudjom Rimpoche and one of Sangharakshita’s eight main teachers. It was Chetul Sangye Dorje who initiated Sangharakshita in the Green Tara sadhana practise.

What does it offer…

  • everything you need to live simply
  • deep in the bush
  • close to the Stupa
  • suitable for the 'mountain hermit' practioners
  • lovely views of the far side of the Tararu Valley


  • situated a 10 minute walk from the Stupa, at the very top of the Dharma Road (main access road)
  • bush setting, quite and isolated
  • our extensive network of bush trails right at your doorstep ( a trail map is provided in the hut)
  • north-facing for midday sun

General Amenities…

  • powered using solar energy, supplying 12 volt lighting and 12 volt power points (not suitable for 240V equipment like laptops and normal battery chargers)
  • kitchen is equipped with a two-ring gas cooker with grill.
  • A basic "bush-fridge" which is a cold storage cabinate on the south side of the building
  • sink with cold running water. Water suppy has in-line particulate filter (If you are sensitive we recommend boiling drinking water as an extra precaution)
  • wood burning stove for those cool winter evenings
  • composting toilet and solar 'black bag' camping shower
  • table, chair, bed, simple shrine and basic meditation gear
  • limited mobile reception (dependent on service provider)




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