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Tara was funded through a generous donation from Andrew Crow and others, completed in 2014. It benefited from years of learning about what facilities help make a solitary retreat successful: just enough beauty and comfort to make it enjoyable, not so much that you become complacent.

The cabins was named Tara for many reasons. Tara is the bodhisattva of engaged compassion, she has one foot stepping down into the world and one foot folded up in the posture of meditation. Many of us are in a similar position with our lives, although perhaps still developing the skill of living a meaningful life in the midst of the world. Something that Tara can help us with.

What does it offer…

  • easy access, great views
  • great for writers who need to recharge their laptops
  • perfect for your first solitary retreat: not too tough, not too easy


  • situated just off the Dharma Road (main access road) about 20 minutes walk uphill from the main house
  • Stupa is about 15 minute walk away, via bush trail or Dharma Road

General Amenities…

  • powered using solar energy, supplying 12 volts lighting and power points
  • inverter with 240v power for laptops and phone recharging
  • four-ring gas cooker and grill
  • small gas fridge
  • sink with hot and cold running water. Water suppy has in-line particulate filter (If you are sensitive we recommend boiling drinking water as an extra precaution)
  • wood burner with wetback for hot water in winter
  • in the summer, the water is heated by the solar system
  • mobile gas heater
  • walk-in gas-powered shower and outdoor long-drop toilet (there's also an indoor toilet for night-time use)
  • small table, chair, bed, easy-chair, simple shrine, and basic meditation gear
  • reasonably good mobile reception (dependent on service provider)




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