Experience yourself differently

who are you

Erica Law
September 2016

Solitary is a great opportunity to try something you wouldn't normally do in your everyday life, perhaps discover something new about yourself, or expose a fixed belief. For example, I have never been into art/craft as a hobby much, having had some pretty negative experiences in art at secondary school. However on a recent solitary retreat I was encouraged by a friend to take some collage-making materials with me. I thought I might try to make a collage on some dharma principles I was trying to understand better. To my surprise and delight I found I got totally absorbed in the creative process of collage-making, finding it very enjoyable and satisfying, and losing track of myself. So, for instance if you haven't considered yourself very physical or into the NZ bush, a solitary retreat at Sudarshanaloka is a wonderful opportunity to gently explore the bush surrounds, venturing as far as feels comfortable, using the great network of marked tracks. You might surprise yourself.

The cabins are luxurious to a tramper, but basic compared to home. They give the perfect opportunity to simplify your external life, the better to see yourself. With no outside stimulus, it's clear that everything that happens is up to you. This is such a precious opportunity that is hard to find in this busy crazy world of modern day life. All you have to do is decide to take a holiday from all that, and book into one of the solitary cabins. Just you. No-one else to have to think about. It felt rather self-indulgent the first time, but with such positive results, and insights into myself.