Free Buddhist Audio

free buddhist audio

Free Buddhist Audio is a free online service where anyone can gain acces to the sound and text archives of the Triratna Buddhist Order. It also where you'll find community users from all over the world uploading their own archives. There is a wide range of talks, interviews, seminars, and question-and-answer sessions from the early 1960s to the present day, including an increasing number in languages other than English.

Here are some audio downloads on meditation to get you started:

What Meditation Really Is
by Sangharakshita

Getting Started in Meditation
a series of talks by Kamalashila

Body Scan Meditation
by Vidyamala

Change Your Mind - Body Awareness And Relaxation
by Paramananda

Learning the Metta Bhavana
by Kavyasiddhi

Who Hates the Metta Bhavana
a series of talks by Jnanavaca

The Just Sitting Practice - An Introduction
by Subhuti

Becoming Real - Meditation as a Gateway to Wisdom
by Dayanandi

12 Minutes On Intention In Meditation
by Bodhilila