Community work month progress at Sudarshanaloka

Posted by Karunajoti on 8 May 2022

Guhyavajra and Dhiraprabha

We've had a wonderful start to our community work month at Sudarshanaloka with a concentrated effort underway on weather proofing the community cabins behind the lower retreat centre.

With the help of a small dedicated team of volunteers, led by Guhyavajra, we're closing in the previously open air living area, including re-roofing, lining and insulating, to create a cozy all weather community space for two of our resident team members and others who come to volunteer at different times. Dhiraprabha currently stays for three nights most weeks, and Moksavira is due to join us on a full time basis in late June. We're also aiming to provide accommodation for younger sangha members to help us over the busy summer retreat season.

In the coming days we're expecting more people to arrive to help with a variety of projects including creating steps and improving the track to Black Rocks, pine tree felling and stacking rounds for next years firewood, road maintenance and creating a much needed utility access way.

I've been enjoying meditating with others in the mornings and sharing meals and evenings together around the community fire at the lower retreat centre. I'm also really looking foward, as more people join us, to evening rituals and practice by candlelight in the shrine room.

Thanks so much to all who have contributed so far, and to those who are on their way. If you'd like to help but haven't let us know, please contact Dhiraprabha via to discuss further. We'd especially appreciate help with food preparation and cooking as the numbers grow.

During this month there is no cost for accommodation but we would very much appreciate donations for food.

We'll keep you posted on further progress as we go along via our news page and through face book.