Giant Kauri near Sudarshanaloka

Posted by Ratnavyuha on 10 September 2017

painting from the Thames Public Library collection

One of the largest known Kauri trees in Aotearoa was located along the ridge feeding water into the Tararu river. It was considered a local treasure, was actively protected by the local community and people from Thames would visit regularly for picnics in the early years. Unfortunately, the surrounding swamps caught fire in 1898 and it was destroyed in this fire. A fuller historical record can be found on The Treasury website The Giant Kauri Tree. They say you can visit the 4.5 metre stump along the Waiotahi trail leading from Thames to the Crosbies DOC Hut. A topographical map can be found at the end of the online article. Hope you do visit it someday to pay respects.

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