Karunajoti joins the Sudarshanaloka community

Posted by Karunajoti on 3 November 2021


During the extaordinary times we're experiencing in Aotearoa I was so grateful to finally be able to make the move from Auckland to Sudarshanaloka in early October. I spent two wonderfully nourishing weeks deeply immersed in Amida and the surrounding elements on solitary before emerging out into another very successful work reteat.

There were a whole team of very willing and able voluinteers tidying, cleaning and building a new outdoor loo at the community cabins and others skillfully replacing the seating around the stupa. The results were amazing and it's very clear that these week long work retreats are an incredibly valuable opportunity to come together as sangha whilst contributing to Sudarshanaloka in much needed ways. Our next one is scheduled for 22 April-1 May next year and we'll keep you posted as we get closer to that time.

I'm enjoying my landing and slowly adjusting to a new life and role surrounded by stunning bushclad hills and valleys, birdsong, the constant sound of flowing rivers, brilliant sunsets and a warm, friendly and very welcoming Thames sangha and community.

I'm grateful for the ongoing support and friendship of Guhyavajra who arrived a couple of years ago and has been doing an amazing job managing the land and contributing greatly in a myriad of ways with the help of others. I feel very fortunate also that Dhiraprabha has decided to support and help this small resident community by joining me in my temporary abode for 3 nights per week. There are so many people that I feel immense gratitude towards actually, far too many to name, they include a core group of very committed Dharma practitioners who contribute in a multitude of ways to keep Sudarshanaloka running along with associated friends who just love the place and want to help where they can. There are also all those who have come before and have been moved to give in whatever way they can. They too have been a part of co-creating what Sudarshanaloka is today.

Although we're limping along at present under the current Covid restrictions we're about to start a 9 day Anapanasati retreat/gathering today for a small group of local friends and whanaau. I'm hopeful that all our friends from Auckland, Wellington and throughout NZ and beyond will be able to join with us again very soon. We're still working out how we can best go forward under the new unfolding, ever changing requirements and we'll keep you posted on that in the coming weeks.

Sudarshanaloka has so much to offer the world in these turbulent times and I really look forward to continiuing to be a part of creating the conditions where people can come together on retreat and explore the Dharma in all it's richness whilst connecting deeply with themselves, others, this land of beautiful vision and beyond.

Aroha nui