Our summer volunteers

Posted by Karunajoti on 23 December 2022

Zoe and Annemarie

We currently have two young people volunteering at Sudarshanaloka.

Zoe Bokany, from Wellington, joined our support community in early November after successfully answering our call for a young mitra/Order member to live and work alongside our existing team during our peak summer retreat season. Zoe will be with us until the end of January and has been contributing in all sorts of invaluable ways to the running of Sudarshanaloka.

Annemarie Mehler, from Essen in Germany, stayed on to volunteer for 2-3 weeks after attending our 'Living lightly retreat' in November. She simply fell in love with the place and was keen to contribute in whatever way she could to extend her stay. Annemarie will be joining us for the 'Mandala of greater uselessness retreat' before continuing on with her travels.

Zoe and Annemarie have been keeping each other company whilst working together on various projects around the retreat centre. Their tasks have been wide ranging, from transforming the small shrine into a library, track maintenance and improvements, gardening, painting and organising food for retreats. They recently ventured out to explore the beauty of the wider Coromandel peninsula together.

We are especially keen to encourage another young Triratna mitra/Order member to join us for our peak retreat season next summer. Sudarshanaloka offers a unique opportunity for practicing and working alongside others who are dedicated to creating and maintaining a place of spiritual practice for the benefit of all beings. We offer a programme of group retreats, facilites for solitary retreats and other events throughout the year.

Please contact us if you're interested in discussing how you can contribute.