Rejoicing in all who contributed in May

Posted by Karunajoti on 2 June 2022

Akasamati with the signs

The rain is setting in and the people have departed after a highly productive community work month. There is so much to admire as we enjoy the results of all those who volunteered in a myriad of different ways.

The shell of the closed in living area at the community cabins is now ready for lining and finishing over the coming weeks. As well as this major project there were also numerous less visible, yet significant, tasks attended too by a dedicated team of volunteers.

Maitrikirti, Karunalata, Sue and others have been patiently and meticulously restoring and upholstering furniture at the lower retreat centre. Our wabi sabi arm chairs and other items are slowly being transformed through the skilful hands of a great team.

Our Solitary retreatants are now enjoying the new fire installed in Tara which produces toasty warm conditions for winter practice along with an abundant flow of hot water.

We have new signage on our major tracks thanks to Akasamati's fine work and Nityadana has created and installed a beautifully crafted door in a sacred place. Siladeva has done a stirling job of cleaning slippery surfaces amidst many other tasks. Emma was an amazing force every Thursday clearing unwanted weeds and helping with improvements to the Black Rocks track. Jill, Clare and others collectively kept us stocked up on food and nourishing meals throughout the entire month.

We couldn't have achieved all that has manifested here without the many who joined us in May, as well as those who supported us in various other ways. We are incredibly grateful to you all.

Now it is time for the resident team to take a breather and reset. We're all enjoying the opportunity for a slower pace for a while and we hope our volunteers can do the same.

Oh, how very fortunate we are to have such friends as these!

All perfections of Buddhahood
derive from spiritual friends,
are rooted in spiritual friends,
are fostered by spiritual friends,
are caused by spiritual friends.

With my attitude toward my friends
purified in this way,
I will become unstained by the things of the world,
like a lotus in water.
I will increase in good qualities,
as the moon grows brighter as it waxes.

(from a puja by Parami, drawn from the Gandhavyuha Sutra)