Solitary retreats

Posted by Karunajoti on 24 March 2022

Chetul deck

Some of the finest resources that Sudarshanaloka has to offer are our solitary retreat cabins. These have been purpose built to create conducive conditions for spiritual practice and experiencing the benefits of solitude. All are off the grid, simply furnished and situated in beautiful, private, natural surroundings with access to bush walks, streams, swimming holes and the sacred stupa.

It is a rare and precious gift to allow ourselves time to stop, listen and simply be with our unfolding experience. In these turbulent times we need, more than ever, places of sanctuary where we can prioritise meditation, reflection and the exploration of how things really are. Solitaries can open doorways into a deeper beauty that is often veiled and hidden in the busyness of our everyday lives. This deeper beauty can unfold in ways that nourish, inspire, surprise and delight. Solitaries can also help us to turn towards difficulties and open more fully into the gravity of change and impermanence.

We have many people who return over and over for solitaries. Having taken the initial plunge they experience the benefits, fall in love with the place, and keep coming back for more. Some come and dip their toes in the ocean for just a few days. Others, with support and clarity of purpose, come for a whole year. We have facilities suitable for both and other options in between.

One of our current regulars is Emma who loves Sudarshanaloka and comes on retreat to immerse herself in nature, meditate and deepen her understanding and practice of the dharma (teachings of the Buddha). She's currently inspired by the poetry and teachings of Milarepa and shared this short video with us following a recent solitary.

The practice of solitary retreats
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