Violence under the name of 'Buddhism' is not Buddhism

Posted by Ratnavyuha on 13 September 2017

no more war

If you are worried about the ever-worsening Buddhist-led violence against the mostly-Muslim Rohingya in Burma ... so are we. It is a principle of our Triratna Buddhist community that no single person can speak for us all, which means the following comments are personal statements made individually. They are not 'Triratna statements' even though other members of our Order may agree individually.

Personally, I believe that violence under the name of 'Buddhism' is not Buddhism. And it is really easy to find explicit teachings of the Buddha that make this point. I believe those who commit violent hateful actions in the name of 'Buddhism' have clearly put themselves outside the practises taught by the Buddha. For example, the famous lines below from the Dhammapada as translated by the founder of our Order (Ven. Sangharakshita).

Not by hatred are hatreds ever pacified here in the world.
They are pacified by love.
This is the eternal law.

For other statements from our Order, you can listen to Vishvapani's BBC radio broadcast on the topic.

Or you can read the signed statement from our founder and senior members of the Triratna Buddhist Order.