The White Lotus

Starts 14 Sep 2024

A white lotus flower emerging from the dark

A Padmasambhava practice retreat

Join us for an open retreat themed on the seven line prayer to Guru Padmasambhava based on a commentary by Jambgon Mipham who was an eminent 19th century Tibetan Buddhist.

We will explore the nature of mind - given the name Padmasambhava - in the context of meditation, ritual and discussion whilst dwelling in the beautiful natural environment of Sudarshanaloka.

Padmasambhava is about reaching into the depths of the human psyche, transforming our deeper energies and revealing the living presence of an awakened mind.

Suitable for both newcomers and those with experience.


Start: 14 Sep 2024 at 6:00pm
Finish: 21 Sep 2024 at 11:00am

Cost: $530 (low) / $570 (standard), Youth special: $420 for those under 35 who are willing to camp (you'll need to bring your own camping gear), , Click here to see retreat refund policy

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Photo of Guhyavajra


Guhyavajra is a New Zealander who came in contact with Triratna in 1978 through the Auckland Sangha - meeting Bhante in Christchurch the same year.…

Photo of Karunajoti


Karunajoti’s first introduction to Buddhism was through a meditation class at the Auckland Buddhist Centre in 1999. This led to a strong desire to…

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