Engaging in Nature at Sudarshanaloka

Starts: 22 May 2020

(previously known as Working in Nature) These 'engaging with nature' weekends (previously known as working in nature weekends) have become a regular…

The Yogi's Joy

Starts: 25 Jun 2020

Milarepa *The Song of Realisation* from the Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa. An invitation to immerse yourself in beauty, song and poetry.

The Four Brahmaviharas

Starts: 29 Aug 2020

meditation retreat for mitras, Order members or by special request This retreat will present and explore the Buddha's teaching on the cultivation of…

Men's ordination training retreat September 2020

Starts: 12 Sep 2020

Triratna Buddhist Community This retreat is by invitation only and led by a team of senior members of the Triratna Buddhist Order for men who are…

Living Nature Retreat

Starts: 8 Oct 2020

Embodying the elements at Sudarshanaloka Everything is alive -- shells, buildings, people, fish, mountains, trees, wood is alive. Water is alive.…

Triratna Order Mitra retreat

Starts: 23 Oct 2020

Labour weekend at Sudarshanaloka This Labour weekend retreat is open to all Mitras and Order members of the Triratna Buddhist Community. The 'extra'…

Anapanasati mindfulness meditation retreat

Starts: 30 Oct 2020

Mitra and Order member retreat at Sudarshanaloka During the Ᾱnāpānasati meditation retreat we train in 'breathing with mindfulness' according to…