Sharing the fruits of wonderful volunteers

So much has happened at Sudarshanaloka in the last 3 1/2 weeks with the help of a wonderful team of volunteers! A core group of skilled workers have…

Posted by Karunajoti on 24 May 2022

Community work month progress at Sudarshanaloka

We've had a wonderful start to our community work month at Sudarshanaloka with a concentrated effort underway on weather proofing the community…

Posted by Karunajoti on 8 May 2022

Retreating into the forest

I see you Piwakawaka, tiny warrior of the sacred forest, child of Tane, nimble and swift. Guardian of the hidden realms, appearing from nowhere,…

Posted by Karunajoti on 21 April 2022

May at Sudarshanaloka

During the month of May the Sudarshanaloka community will be working on various projects on the land that will be of much benefit to retreatants,…

Posted by Karunajoti on 7 April 2022

Public ordinations at Sudarshanaloka

Yesterday was a very auspicous day at Sudarshanaloka with the public ordination of four women during their month long ordination retreat here. …

Posted by Karunajoti on 2 April 2022

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